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The Pokeworld is in danger(Englische Story)

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The Pokeworld is in danger(Englische Story)

Beitrag von Gast am Sa 27 Feb 2010, 18:54

here is a new fanstory is written.
It will be a long time so there will be 25 chapters.
She is ready on 03/03/2010.
So much fun!


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Chapter 1:How it all began

Beitrag von Gast am Sa 27 Feb 2010, 18:56

Ash Ketchum is a 10-year-old boy from the village Alabastia. He is an avid Pokemonfan and is looking forward to finally get his license as a Pokemon Trainer too. These are obtained for the 10 birthday of Professor Oak, a famous Pokemon researcher.

But Ash slept through the day of days and comes standard on the last of Professor. Professor Oak's house before he meets his arch-rival, Gary Eich, grandson of Professor Oak. Both Ash and Gary are very ambitious and both want to be the best coach. After a brief but intense debate going on with Gary draws his female fans, while Ash - go pick up incidentally, still in pajamas - to Professor Oak about his Pokemon ...

Every child has the choice between the three Pokemon Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Shiggy. But when Ash came so late, have already been awarded every Pokemon. Only a somewhat problematic electric Pokemon, Pikachu, is left. Since Ash necessarily want to have a Pokemon, Professor Oak leaves, the Pikachu Ash. However, after Ash has just cuddled it, Pikachu welcomes all with a violent thunder-lightning ^ _ ^

After Ash had received some information from Professor Oak, and a Pokedex and 6 Poké Balls to catch Pokemon, he pulls off with Pikachu to become master trainers. However, Pikachu is not as enthusiastic about Ash and resists anything. As Ash then sees a Taubsi, he wants to catch it unconditionally. Since Pikachu does not want to help him, he tried it alone. With the Pokeball works, it does not - it's clear that Pokemon must indeed be weakened only. Then trying to catch it with the pajamas of course also a flop. After him a Super Rod will even steal something from his backpack Ash slowly pissed and attacks to harder methods. With a stone he wants to startle a distant Spearow to catch it then - but since Ash's Pokedex has not studied thoroughly enough. A whole flock of Spearow-pounces on him and wants revenge for a stone's throw ...

During the subsequent flight Pikachu is attacked and injured by the Spearow. Ash can save it, but at the last minute. But then they stand in front of a waterfall. After a refreshing bath, they get back to shore. Right next to them just angling Misty. Since the Spearow approached again, just simply borrows Ash Misty's bike and raced out of it ... The fact that Misty does not like this, one can watch it ^ _ ^

The flight, however, ends abruptly, as Ash falls from the bicycle. Now he can not fly no more and Pikachu is exhausted on the ground. Ash stood in front of Pikachu and is determined to defend him before the Spearow. At the last moment, but Pikachu jumps out and sells the Spearow with a mighty thunder (-blitz?).

(When Ash wakes up he has the thunder and lightning hit), both are definitely friends. Finally, together they have mastered the dangerous situation. When both open to the next town, they see in the sky still an unknown Pokemon, to the Pokedex by Ash himself has no data. But that only begins the adventure for the two friends ...


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Re: The Pokeworld is in danger(Englische Story)

Beitrag von Admin am Sa 27 Feb 2010, 18:59

That's great ....
Not just for our young members.
Maybe you can translate it again later;)
Good Luck

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Chapter 2:A bit later

Beitrag von Gast am Sa 27 Feb 2010, 19:03

After Ash and his new friend Richie have learned that it is in the next fight must go head-Ash very nervous. Misty finds out that Richie has also completed all Vorrundenkämpfe easily and always began only three Pokemon: Pikachu, Charmander, and smettbo - almost the same as Ash!

When Ash picks up his Pokemon from the Pokemon Center, he also applies Riche who does the same. Unlike Ash Richie is not at all excited, but also wants to fight the best fight of all time. This Ash is also courage.

A little later the phone rings at the home of Ash. Misty ran goes and gets to hear a rather cheeky Richie, who, inter alia, as "Sleepyhead" and "bitch" means. When Misty passes the call on Ash, the two agree to a meeting in the forest. What Ash does not know at this moment is that Richie was not even on the phone, but Team Rocket. In the forest, then snaps the trap and Team Rocket kidnap Ash can with the truck. This is especially bad for Ash, there begins to be Pokemonkmapf against Richie soon ...

Ash, however, manage to escape from a moving truck, after his Squirtle has flooded the Aquaknarre and James drive the truck into a tree. In his flight but he will repeatedly stopped by Team Rocket. Thus, Ash must use his Bulbasaur and Pikachu with a Rankenhieb uses a lightning attack against Team Rocket, so Ash can continue to run toward the stadium. The time is just under, as Richie has already entered the battle field ...

Ash is now once again held up by Team Rocket. This time with an attack of Smogmog. With all the smog, but Ash manages a bike from Team Rocket borrow "and thus go faster towards its goal. Unfortunately, Team Rocket appears and picks up again shortly thereafter, with Ash on her balloon. Fortunately, Ash can climb with the help of the Pidgeotto and Pikachu balloon and can now move in the direction of Taboga stage. The time is scarce, however, because the referee will declare the winner Richie. Following a request from Richie but still waiting to award the arbitrators even 10 minutes. Otherwise, Richie is automatically winner of the 5th Round ...

The 10 minutes are just about as Ash arrives at the last second. He ends up in the middle of the arena, while his Pidgeotto almost ko crashing to the ground. Ash agrees to the fight, and so begins the biggest battle of all time between Ash and Richie!

The first fight to deny Happy (the smettbo by Richie), and Squirtle. It is a tough fight, but ultimately Squirtle falls asleep after a sleep powder attack by Happy.

Ash sends his Pikachu into battle, what with a risk Tacke Happy almost defeated. Yet there until a final shock wave in the air the rest Happy Now Richie has to send his second into the battle Pokemon: Charmander. Charmander and succeed very quickly Pikachu einzuheizen with strong fire attacks. The exhausted Pikachu has no chance, so it shortly thereafter ko goes ...

It is critical for Ash. He has now been used his last Pokemon. He chooses Charizard, with the risk that it could go wrong. The attacks of Charmander now have hardly any effect, the heat from Charizard but now the little Glumada strong book. Richie pulls back his Charmander and sends his last hope in the fight: Sparky, his Pikachu!

The battle begins very strange. Instead of using his Flamethrower, or another fire attack, Charizard spins a little with its wings up Sparky starts to fall. As Charizard but Sparky did not feel as worthy opponents, he simply lies down and takes a rest! A disaster and disgrace for Ash, who now loses the fight, because like Charizard to fight ...

Ash is now made visible and very sad. But when Richie comes to him and overcomes him the hand he reaches up and wipes his face - it was a good fight! Especially since Ash has now learned the losing side. So Ash is only one thing: He wants Richie all the best for the 6th Round!


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Chapter 3: A Higlihgt

Beitrag von Gast am Sa 27 Feb 2010, 19:12

After ash was Alabastia, he ennui
He goes through all of kanto. He
stroll around and take hold now and old friends.
When he was one day in mamoria city.
Traff he siener rocko friendly.
Rocko was boring and
Together they decide to go further.
they proceed according to city fuchsania
to stay but there are so many cities in which we might.

they visited sights and much more.
When they were one day in Prismania City
they meet misty.sie go now
weiter.aber it all together
waiting for something exciting.
A Higlihgt.
On einaml they heard a loud popping.
He came from east.
It stood at 200 meters
houses in flames in distance.
They heard only "Ahhhhhhhhhh <

I'll continue soon


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Chapter 4: The Higlihgt continues

Beitrag von Gast am So 28 Feb 2010, 19:34

Rocko was the thing on the track.
When he came back, he's in quite tell kanto brand.
The fire comes out here soon.
Ash: "What do we do that?"
Rocko: delete, help to "
Misty: "Yes, we let ourselves get buckets."
Our friends brought buckets to help the brand.
But they needed help from someone.
Your pokemon everyone was already in use and the other
coaches as well.

Rocko: "We must have a Legendary Pokemon!"
Suddenly the sky was blue.
Lugia came from the sky.
Suicune of land.
And Manaphy and Kyogre from the water
Helping to clean it at all.
It was better but it still does not
nich so that the whole fire was conquered.

On einaml came from large jets
The sea is fired, they flew to the fire


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Re: The Pokeworld is in danger(Englische Story)

Beitrag von Pokemonfan 1. am So 28 Feb 2010, 19:37

Hey,nette STORY endlich ma n neuer writer!
Pokemonfan 1.

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Re: The Pokeworld is in danger(Englische Story)

Beitrag von PanfernoX am Di 16 März 2010, 16:18

Ich ferstehe nur Bahnhof

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Re: The Pokeworld is in danger(Englische Story)

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