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Interview mit Junichi Masuda & Shigeru Omori

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Interview mit Junichi Masuda & Shigeru Omori

Nintendo lud ausgewählte Vertreter der Presse ein, die OR/AS spielen und ein Interview mit Junichi Masuda und Shigeru Omori führen durften. Dabei wurde u.a. auf die folgenden Themengebiete eingegangen:

Möglichkeit, komplett verschiedene Pokémon in die Zucht zu geben
Even though there’s an egg that appears and hatches, Pokémon birth is more like a stork-basket arrangement - so the actual moment where that Pokemon is made is still a mystery…

Interaktion zwischen Street Pass und Geheimbasen (kämpfen möglich?)
Originally with Ruby and Sapphire you needed the link cable to share your secret base with someone, but now there’s a variety of ways to do it. Streetpass is one – you’ll get the data for their secret base, and then you can battle against their setup and recruit the trainers there to your secret base. You’ll also be able to find and visit other people’s bases using Wi-Fi, and generate a QR code for your base that you can share on social media.

Geschlechtsneutrale Kleidung
We can only really speak in vague terms about the future, but the ideal scenario is that you’d be able to represent yourself however you want – so any combination would be possible. It really comes down to limited development resources and what each project can really allow for, so I honestly don’t have an answer for that right now.

warum man sich für ein Mega-Pokémon entscheidet
It’s really just thinking of a variety of things – in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, for example, we looked at the X and Y battle environment and thought about which Pokemon are particularly strong and which are used quite a bit, and we would then come up with Pokémon to counter those to make the environment more interesting. Also we look at the story – story is very important to Pokemon, so we try to come up with mega evolutions that fans will enjoy. We also talk with our battle designers and battle designers to come up with which Pokemon will mega evolve.

über ein Spiel mit allen Regionen
If we could come up with a way to really make that interesting, then it’s something we’d implement – but for me, personally, as a theory, I think it would be more fun for us all to enjoy different locations and then share that experience together than all have the same experience in the same region.

National-Pokédex von Anfang an
This time around you start out just with the Hoenn region Pokemon, but later on you get access to Mega Latios and Mega Latias, which has this new move called Soar: a super-powered version of Fly that allows you to freely fly over the skies in a 3D map, and go to new locations that normally aren’t accessible. In those locations you’ll find plenty of Pokémon who aren’t normally found in the Hoenn region. After that you’ll return to the Professor and get the national Pokedex.

Rückkehr von MissingNo (großes Potential auf Grund der neuen Megas)
Uproarious laughter] I don’t know about that…

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